A Prairie Home Companion

I grew up on PHC, so naturally I was thrilled to see the movie. Of course it took me over a year to actually see it, but that’s not the end of the world.

First off, the casting. I cannot imagine ANYONE other than Kevin Kline playing Guy Noir. Perfection. Ditto for Lily Tomlin and Meryl Streep. The interations, the very slight Minnesota accents, the talking over each other. I felt like Lola was just there to give them someone to tell their stories to. And Woody Harrellson and John C. Reilly… and so on. You get the idea – I could not have been more pleased with the casting.

It was perfectly obvious to me from the word go that Asphodel was an angel – why else would she have had on a white trench coat and always stand or sit in front of light? I wasn’t clear at all on how it was going to play out, though. Really, though, the plot was not the point. Really, though, there was no point. It was PHC through and through. I completely understand the criticisms – that only fans of the show would enjoy the movie. But, since I AM a fan of the show, it was no problem for me.

Matthew is really bothered by the fact that they actually gave the punchline to the penguin joke, though.


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