When I told my mom about having read Trans-Sister Radio, she recommended to me Jeffrey Eugenides’ Middlesex. So I put it on my list… and then when I was at the library with the kiddo a couple of weeks ago, I noticed it on the paperback whirly shelves and grabbed it.I knew from what Mom had told me that the book dealt with gender identity, but what I remembered of our conversation was that it was about a trans-gendered person, not a hermaphrodite. And yes, there’s a BIG difference.  But really, the gender and sexuality issues (and I love the way he deals with the confluence of gender and sexuality and how they’re all mixed up in Cal’s head) are the backdrop for a story of a family, and what ultimately turns into, as Matthew put it to me when he came to bed last night having stayed up until 2 in the morning to finish the book, a fairly traditional coming-of-age story.   I liked the temporal shifts (linearity is for the birds…) and how Cal took us on the voyage of discovery with him.

Except that we really never learn HOW  he discovered all the family history that comes before his birth.  We’re led to believe that it came from Dr. Luce.  When does Cal go back to New York (we know he wants to live there…), back to Dr. Luce?  Obviously it has to be after Desdemona dies, but when?  These questions are haunting me.  Also, I want to know what happens between Cal and Julie Kikuchi.

Overall, a really good, engrossing read.  Highly recommended.


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