Fever Pitch

Way back when, M and I tried to go see Fever Pitch on opening weekend for his 30th birthday.  Silly us didn’t think that it would be sold out – we were wrong, and we saw Sin City instead.  Then a couple of weeks ago we found Fever Pitch on the super-cheap DVD shelf at Target and picked it up.

It’s definitely a sweet movie.  Not deep, not going to change the world, but sweet.  And something that every Red Sox fan should definitely see.  I love Jimmy Fallon, and loved him in this as well.  For some reason I kept seeing flashes of Gertie in Drew Barrymore, though – maybe because she played Lindsey as such a very young 30.  Even at work, where she was clearly doing Very Serious Stuff, she was all cutesy.  *shrug*

Oddly some of the last bits, the ALCS bits, were actually hard to watch.  I know why, of course – I associate that series very strong with the NICU.  (In between stuff like this, M and the other dads and the nurses were huddled around the computer at the end of the pod watching the live updating box scores  on ESPN.)


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  1. The chemistry between Fallon and Barrymore makes this film so much better. I just wish there was so much more to like, check out my review when you can!

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