Garden State

We are working our way through the movies we own on DVD and haven’t yet watched.  Like Once, I got Garden State for either my birthday or Hanukkah from Josh & Jacy.  Watched it last night, and both loved it.  I started out watching it & embroidering at the same time, but I couldn’t keep stitching because the movie really did require all of my attention.

Honestly, I love everything about it… I love how we learn about Largeman and Sam in bits and pieces, much in the same way that they learn about each other.  I love the sweet way their relationship unfolds.  I love the random assortment of kids who haven’t really gotten much of anywhere in the last nine years… it’s very Clerks in that way, actually.  I love the crazy odyssey that Mark drags them on for that whole last day.

There was a moment when I was terrified that its ending was going to be way too similar to Once, but thankfully I was spared that particular torture.

We watched some of the deleted scenes and there was one in particular that really struck me between Largeman and his dad.  In the final edit, we really only see him through Andrew’s eyes… but this scene… it was heart-wrenching.  It was the only time you really saw his dad reacting to his wife’s death, saw him trying to sort out what had happened.

And my husband, who always jokes that he feels inadequate because other people his age (Tikki & Ronde Barber share his birth date) can add another to his list: Zack Braff is one day older than he is.

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