Charles Frazier: Cold Mountain

I am NOT a reader of the Civil War novel, not at all.  But we had a copy of Cold Mountain lying around the house and I picked it up.  and then I was completely unable to put it down.  It’s not so much a Civil War novel as it is a novel about two separate journeys.  Inman is trying to get home, Ada is trying to figure out how to be independent when all the odds are stacked against her.  And it’s not clear whether either of them will be successful.

I loved the way Frazier told the two stories along parallel tracks, and kept you wondering exactly how they were going to come together.  You knew they would, but exactly what would happen was, to me at least, a little mysterious.  The ending was so subtle… I held out hope that I might have leaped to the wrong conclusion until halfway through the epilogue, when I sat and counted on my fingers who was sitting down to dinner.  I held out hope in a way that I don’t think either Ada or Inman would have.  But then, I’m not on the same type of journey that they were on.

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