We watched Murderball via free HD On Demand (love that stuff!) a couple of weeks ago – we’d heard a lot about it when it came out and were very curious.

It’s a really, really interesting documentary.  “Murderball” the sport really doesn’t bear that much resemblance to regular rugby, but DAMN those guys are tough.  I guess they pretty much have to be, and I noticed a pretty high correlation between risk-taking behaviors while able-bodied (is that a PC term anymore?) and risk-taking behaviors in the form of playing murderball post-injury.

Probably my favorite moment was when the newly-injured motocross racer got to start tooling around in Zupan’s chair and you could tell that he was just ITCHING to go run into someone, which was pretty awesome.  Once an adrenaline junkie, always an adrenaline junkie, I guess.

I also liked how human all of the guys came across – the movie wasn’t just about the sport, it was about their lives as they related to the sport.

So go watch it.


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