The Devil Wears Prada

I had wanted to see The Devil Wears Prada for ages, and somebody (my sister, I think?) rented it over Christmas.  So one evening my mom, my 87 year old grandmother, and I piled onto the sofabed in the den (it didn’t even fold up on us, though it was a near thing once…) and watched it.  Well, two of us did – Mom and I maintain that Grandma slept through a good chunk of it, but she denies that.

Anyway.  Yeah, it’s totally formulaic, but it was CUTE and it was FUN and the performances were lovely. Meryl Streep?  Deliciously evil, though I would have liked for them to develop her vulnerabilities a little more.  (Asking too much, I know.)  Anne Hathaway?  Charming as always, and I can’t quite figure out what exactly makes her so stunningly beautiful.  Adrian Grenier?  More, please.


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