The Little House Books

When we were in OK over Thanksgiving, one of my tasks was to clean out the various boxes in my childhood room, as my parents are getting ready for retirement and that includes selling the house and moving to a different state.

I knew there were lots of children’s books in those boxes.  This included my box set of Laura Ingalls Wilder’s Little House books, which I distinctly remember saving my allowance for for a LONG TIME so that I could buy it at the school book fair.  I think it cost me $24.  And so I set about re-reading all of them, which took me a grand total of about 10 days.

And they’re exactly as I remember them.  As an adult who loathes moving, I’m kind of in awe of Pa’s wanderlust, and of Ma’s tolerance of it.  There were a couple of things I picked up on that I would never have noticed as a kid – in Little House in the Big Woods, Pa sings a song about a “darky”.  On a similar note, I remember wondering as a kid why there was never any mention of the Civil War in any of the books.  Maybe it just didn’t enter the consciousness of folks living in the woods of Wisconsin?

I can’t wait to read these with my own daughter, and see what her very 21st-century mind makes of a world so very different from her own.


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