Snakes on a Plane!

Just kidding… Movies on a plane!

Last month I made my first solo long-haul flight in I don’t know how long. (No, I take that back… I know exactly when my last one was, I just prefer not to think about it.). Anyway, I slept basically the whole way from Detroit to Amsterdam so I didn’t watch anything then, but on the way back I got to indulge in some airline movie-viewing.

Avatar was stunning, even on the 6″ screen. Stunning and engrossing and even though you knew how it was going to end, the getting there was very entertaining. If I ever find myself teaching a course that has a big section on colonialism, I’m going to show Avatar.

Also completely predictable in how it’s going to end: The Backup Plan. Total brain-candy, and not something I would have watched unless I was on a plane.

Sad that I fell asleep half an hour from the end: Toy Story 3. It did NOT make me cry, and I thoroughly enjoyed what I was awake to see. Sadly, when I woke up, it was the very end of the flight so I couldn’t rewind to the last thing I remembered seeing. We’ll have to rent it sometime.


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