I love Aaron Sorkin but… he’s kind of predictable.

In my idle googling, I come across things. Like “The Five: Aaron Sorkin Show Trademarks”. Actually, I came across that because I was trying to confirm another Sorkin hallmark that I had noticed as I am watching Sports Night as my tedious-work-viewing.

All three of his tv shows have featured characters named Danny: Dan Rydell on Sports Night, Danny Concannon on The West Wing, and Danny Tripp on Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip.

Also: Both Lisa Edelstein (Laurie Rollins, aka Sam’s call girl, from The West Wing) and Janel Moloney (Donna Moss, also from The West Wing) appear in Sports Night, Edelstein as sportscaster Bobbie Bernstein and Moloney in one episode as wardrobe assistant Monica Brazleton.

Finally, all three shows feature hetero life partners who write things for a living: Casey and Dan writing Sports Night, Josh and Sam writing Presidential speeches, and Matt and Danny writing Studio 60.

I’m also noticing a lot of misogynistic jokes in Sports Night that I don’t remember ever picking up on in the other two shows.


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