Kathy Reichs: Cross Bones

I admit it – I picked this up because I have a little bit… ok – a big bit – of an obsession with Bones the TV show.  Of course I was curious to find out if Temperance Brennan the book character (and, I suppose by extension Kathy Reichs) bears any resemblance to Temperance Brennan the TV character.  (The answer, by the way, is no.  Temperance Brennan in the books is FAR better-adjusted than Temperance Brennan in the TV show.  Amusingly, though, having now read one of the books, comments that get made on the TV show about TV Brennan’s novels make much more sense.)
Leaving all Bones-related curiosity aside, this was a fairly entertaining book in the academic-thriller mode.  The cover matter all compared it to Angels and Demons and/or The DaVinci Code and I suppose those comparisons are apt.  It’s a romp through Montreal and Jerusalem; since I have been to Masada, that angle of the book was especially entertaining to me.
Definitely a summer-beach-by-the-pool read.  I’ll seek out more Brennan novels for brain candy.